Are you a twink, a bear or just a plain geek?

Gay guys seem to love categorising themselves and others in specific groups. Grindr uses the term ‘tribes’ in order to pigeonhole guys based on their physique. This can definitely be a controversy but CEO of Grindr Joel Simkhai thinks otherwise.

“Tribes allow you to identify as a member of a community of group that bests describes you…Choosing a Grindr Tribe has its benefits. The more fields you fill out about yourself the more likely you will match someone else’s search.”

Note that some of these terms have already been covered in the gay dating app vocal post. The tribes that users identify with on Grindr include:

Bear – Men characterised as heavy set/ bulky in shape, usually hairy, strong and big (Think Seth Rogen)


Clean Cut – Men who are always clean shaven, well dressed and well groomed (Think Joseph Gordon Levitt)


Daddy – An older guy usually in his 30’s and onwards, who usually dates younger men. (Think George Clooney)


Discreet – A term usually describing a guy who is not necessarily out of the closet or don’t associate with the gay scene.

Geek – Guys who enjoy the world of gaming, sci-fi and all things nerdy (Think Benedict Cumberbatch)


Jock – Athletic build, muscular and often is quite sporty. (Think Zac Efron)


Leather – Guys who often enjoy wearing leatherwear and usually involves in the act of BDSM.

Otter – Average to muscular body type who are often hairy. (Think Daniel Radcliffe)


Poz – HIV Positive.

Rugged – A guy who is quite scruffy (Think Hugh Jackman)


Trans – Transgender; both m2f (male to female transition) or f2m (female to male transition) can either be post-op or pre-op and is usually stated on their profile

Twink – Younger guys with slender builds, and often are smooth (hairless) (Think Troye Sivan)


So what do you think about the concept of tribes? Which tribe(s) do you belong to? Do you have a certain tribe type? Sound off below!