No Asians?

So apparently some Grindr users think that Asian men are unappealing and totally “not their type”. Here are a few examples to disprove this theory. Hopefully the following ten guys will quench your thirst for Asians you probably didn’t know you had. Enjoy!

  1. Hideo Muraokaenhanced-buzz-16095-1379691775-18
  2. Arthur Nory1-3
  3. Xian Limxian-lim
  4. Albie Casiño2ecee3feb666fe1baa96a469d8c45c4b
  5. Godfrey Gaosuy3mpo
  6. Harry Shum Jr. harry-shum-jr-shadowhunters-facebook-123015-638x425
  7. Choi Siwon 1453741148139
  8. Benjamin Tang wetbenjamintang
  9. Ning Zetao ningzetao-rio-olympics-chinese-hottie3
  10. Choi Yong Ho choi_yongho_04