The Dating Game

Reality television is a guilty pleasure for many of us and we often find ourselves screaming at the tv because the Bachelor gave the last rose to the wrong bitch. These dating shows are definitely rich sources of entertainment but do offer a perspective into the harsh reality of how race is a considerable attribute in types.

Shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are often criticised for lacking diversity and reflect badly on production and casting. Many of these shows often feel obliged in promoting a sense of diversity by casting one to a couple of ‘ethnics’ only to see them go home within the first couple of weeks.

A new dating show called Finding Prince Charming premiered last month on American cable station Logo TV. The show is basically The Bachelor for gay guys. This show has caused so many controversies… for obvious reasons but also due to its casting. Many on Twitter have voiced out saying that there is not enough diversity within the cast which reflects the current problem of dating apps, and the gay community in general. Here are a few tweets of viewers voicing their opinions on the show itself and its casting.

Also, watch the trailer for Finding Prince Charming here.



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