In the past and even till this day, the LGBT community has suffered the hardships of discrimination and overall negative attitudes from society. Many have looked down upon people who identify themselves as LGBT and are often excluded and rejected by family, friends, workplaces, and society in general due to the negative stigma placed on them.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-2-25-47-pmIn saying this, it is surprising to discover that the concept of homonormativity exists within such an already neglected community. Just like heteronormativity, homonormativity is the idea that an ideal image and a strict quota should be adhered and conform to in order to be respected and treated equally by other gay guys. This involves lifestyle choices as well as behavioural and physical attributes that should be adopted.

The LGBT community is often misrepresented in mainstream media due to the growing effect of homonormativity. This can be seen through gay characters on television and in movies often portrayed as middle class muscular white men. This results to the portrayal of a small piece of the puzzle and often a false depiction of the community as a whole.

This essentially can be seen as adding to the problem of sexual racism and thus the neglect of certain groups of people based on what isn’t classified the social norms of the gay community.


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