‘Vanilla or spice, no chocolate nor rice…’ – Racist Grindr Profiles (Video)

“Intelligence Welcomed… Ironic.”

It seems as if people automatically find out they have set of balls when it comes to voicing their opinions online. When it comes to dating apps, there is definitely a sense of entitlement present with some finding… creative ways in stating their preferences. These often are intended to be funny but can come off as racist and derogatory to some within the community.screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-10-05-am

Youtube star Davey Wavey, who creates LGBT-related content, had gathered a bunch of gay Youtubers to react to racist Grindr profiles and discuss the growing sexual racism on dating apps and within the gay community.

“…if they do hit on me, it’s sort of fetishism”

The other side of sexual racism is discussed. Guy Anthony talks about his experiences and being hit on based on his looks, he describes this as feeling fetishised for being black. Although many talk about sexual racism as the exclusion of someone based on their looks, it can also regard the fetishising of an individual based on ethnicity and exclusively dating someone for that fact alone. It is often interesting to see the other side and see how both could be considered as demeaning.

Check out the video here and sound off in the comments section.


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