Gay Dating App Vocab.


Hey, I’m a GAM looking for discreet NSA with a GWM, sorry, no fems

I’m pretty sure none of those words made sense to some of you. For those who are less familiar with the lexicon of gay dating apps, here are a few terms to familiarise yourself with, just in case you find yourself lurking curiously on Grindr, Scruff or any other of the countless apps.

Bear – A stocky gay guy usually with body and facial hair.

Discreet – A term usually describing a guy who is not necessarily out of the closet or don’t associate with the gay scene.

Fem – A gay man who has feminine qualities from the way he acts to the way he dresses.

GAM  – ‘Gay Asian Man’.

GWM – ‘Gay White Man’.

“Looking?” – An opening term usually asking if someone is looking for NSA (see below).

NSA – ‘No Strings Attached’ or casual sex.

Rice Queen – A white man who exclusively is attracted to Asian men.

Sticky Rice – Asian men who are exclusively attracted to other Asian men.

Twink – A slim young gay guy (usually hairless).


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